Wood garage doors are architecturally beautiful, they are sturdy and they work quite well when installed properly. Unfortunately, there aren’t as many companies that specialize in these doors any longer. If you want one added to your current business or home, or you simply need help maintaining an existing one, consider working with experienced wood garage door contractors like us. We specialize in the product, know how to make it work properly and to repair any issues that arise, and we’re efficient at what we do.

New Residential Installations

Turn that garage into a functional space with a covering to block out the elements with a beautiful wood garage door. We’ll help you choose just the right door for your space, then go through the full installation for you. We’ll schedule the installation as soon after we hear from you as possible, to get your garage functioning just the way you want it to.

Commercial Installations

Garage doors are often used in commercial spaces as well. We can install multiple doors in a single day, and have experience putting doors on factories, boat shops, auto shops and a variety of other locations where they are needed. Give us the details and we’ll complete your installation professionally for you.

Repairs and Maintenance

Even the highest quality garage door is going to need some repairs or maintenance eventually. When the door stops functioning optimally give us a call and we’ll send out a tech to evaluate the problem and make necessary repairs. If you want to get ahead of door wear, we can also send out a technician to complete standard maintenance on all the door mechanisms so they stay in excellent shape over time.

Wooden garage doors are beautiful, and they are just the thing to dress up a garage or factory space, but they are a bit more work to keep in good shape. Contact us for any help that you need with the installation or maintenance of the doors.