While wooden garage doors are beautiful, they aren’t long-lasting and require a great deal of maintenance to keep them in great shape. You can have the best of both worlds by installing a wood composite garage door instead. It retains the beauty of wood, while holding up better to weathering and requiring less maintenance, because most of the external elements of the door are made from a composite material. We specialize in this type of garage door, and can help install it or repair it on either commercial or residential spaces.

Residential Installation

Garage doors are most commonly seen in residential spaces and we can put a composite door on your garage. You’ll love all the beautiful options there are to choose from, and just how long-lasting these products are compared to conventional wood. We’ll complete your professional installation quickly and efficiently, and once the door is in place, it will only require general maintenance every few years to keep the lift system operating properly over time.

Commercial Door Installs

Commercial spaces that want a more upscale look will often choose composite wood doors. They look nice, but they are easy to maintain and will hold up well for many years. Whether you run an upscale auto body shop, a boat store, a car dealership or another warehouse or commercial space that’s in need of large doors, we’ve got your back. We can put in multiple doors on the same day, and have no trouble installing doors in a wide range of conditions and building types.

Expert Repairs

We specialize in wood composite garage doors and there is no one more effective at repairing them when things go wrong. Our technicians know how to handle all the most common issues efficiently, and they have the capabilities to troubleshoot more challenging problems as well. They’ll get to your location, assess the problem and make repairs quickly.

Regular Maintenance

While repairs aren’t needed very often, maintenance is. We know how to keep all the mechanics in your garage door running smoothly and one of our skilled technicians can maintain all the mechanical parts of your door to keep it going for much longer than you might expect.

If you’re just thinking of wood composite garage doors, you are set on buying them, or you simply need repair or maintenance help, call us, we can help.