Why Should You Use Cellulose Insulation?

If you want a high quality, eco-friendly insulation choice then cellulose insulation might be the choice for you to go with. Not only is it made up of 85% recycled materials, but it is also an extremely effective insulating product on the market. This makes it a top choice for many homeowners looking for a new insulation product to have installed in their homes.

Benefits of Choosing Cellulose Insulation

There are numerous reasons to choose cellulose insulation, including many benefits. Here are some of the benefits you should be aware of before choosing this type of insulation for your home.

  1. Have a blanket in your attic since this insulation will fill every crack, crevice and hole that it comes across. It expands over these areas, giving the entire space a draft free seal.
  2. Eco-friendly so you never have to worry about an excessive amount of waste or leaving a large carbon footprint behind.
  3. It saves money each month! You can save cash on your utility bills, plus allow your furnace to live a little longer since it is going to work less to heat and cool the home with better insulation.
  4. It can reduce sound. Wherever you place it, that area will become more soundproof not only reducing the sounds going out, but those coming in from the outside.
  5. It is pest and mold resistant, so you can say goodbye to problems that you might have once had throughout the attic space.
  6. It is a thinner insulating material, so you’re easily able to insulate those thinner, harder to insulate areas without worrying about not having enough space to do so.

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