Who Licenses Architects?

Excellent building designers aren’t necessarily architects at all. That’s because architects have gone through the trouble to obtain their license in architecture and they have the credentials to use the title. Without the license, a designer is just a designer and can’t work on jobs that require architects specifically.



If you’re interested in becoming an architect, you probably want to know who is responsible for giving out the licenses and handling licensing in general.

Architects Exist in Small Numbers

While many people think of lawyers and doctors as scarce professionals, architects are far scarcer. There are many times more of the professionals than there are architects around the country, which is why most people don’t understand how the licensing process works. It’s also another good reason to consider obtaining your license so you can be one of the elite few.

Who Does the Licensing?

The American Institute of Architecture is responsible for giving out licenses to different architects around the country, and licenses are only given out to eligible applicants that have completed all the many different requirements. After going through all the requirements, a student can finally become a recognized architect that is free to work on advanced projects and offer their services to a range of different individuals and businesses.

Obtaining Licensing

There is a long road to becoming a licensed architect and it starts at school. First a student must go through the necessary architect program to get a bachelor’s master’s or doctorate degree in architecture. From there the student will move on to becoming an intern, and this is often the longest part of the process for new architects. To make it through the internship program interns must go through 700 different training units that each take 8 hours of on the job training. These units are in different areas of architecture and interns are expected to work through each of them before being able to qualify for testing.

After going through the internship program, a budding architect can take the many different parts of the ARE test. This test can be taken at a testing facility at any time of the year, and the testing pieces can be taken in any order that the student likes. After passing all the different tests for the full ARE, a student can go on to be accredited and licensed as an actual architect in the United States. The process is long and difficult, but it results in more job opportunities and being one of the elite professionals in the country.

Architects are well known throughout the country and in decent demand if they are licensed. If you are interested in becoming one of these professionals you can go through all the steps outlined above to complete the program and work to become a licensed professional in the field.

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