Who Are Excavation Contractors And What Do They Do


Excavation contractors play an important role in the construction industry, whether working on a small or large project. These professionals are mainly involved in the moving and reshaping of land in readiness for construction work. Although, their contribution is not often recognized after the completion of a building, their services are essential for new buildings that are coming up. Also, majority of the contractors are well-trained and often use their skills to ensure that the excavation work done is good quality.

So what exactly do excavation contractors do on construction sites?

Site preparation

When the go ahead is given for construction work to begin, all the experts including excavation contractors work together to clear the land. The contractors ensure that the land is ready for digging by removing any obstructions such as boulders, trees, logs or roots that are scattered all over the site. They also help in the pulling down of pre-existing structures so that the land can be plowed and the soil smoothened. This part of their job requires delicate skills to remove unwanted material without causing any damage on the site.

Digging trenches

These excavation professionals are often hired to break into the ground for a number of reasons, with the most common being to dig trenches. The trenches which are usually used for the laying of the foundation need to meet the agreed requirements for the building to stand firm. Excavation contactors use equipment such as excavators to dig the trenches as well as other holes that can be used in the construction of pools or ponds on different sites. Most contractors involved in excavation can operate different machines to assist in the digging of suitable trenches.

Foundation Construction

For concrete foundation to remain firm, the excavation work on the land needs to be done well. These professionals dig foundation trenches that are used for the construction of new buildings so that they have a hard foundation to rest on. If the construction of the foundation is not done well, the overall structure may be in danger of disintegrating once building is complete. Also, when lines for water or gas, need to be put in the ground, excavation contractors are called in to dig trenches as part of the foundation in buildings.

Public works

Apart from working for private construction companies to do excavation work, these contractors can also get hired by the government. Both national and local governments have a public works department responsible for handing building projects. Most times, excavation contractors are hire full time to help in the preparation of sites on which major building projects will be put up. They also handle jobs such as routine demolition, hauling, clearing , grading and sediment control for their respective governments. In some cases, they can be hired for jobs in the public works sector as a private company to offer excavation services for a certain time period.


Grading is an important part of landscaping that is often handled by excavation contractors. They are responsible for removing any unwanted refuse and digging out the designated area to uncover anything that would hinder proper construction. After clearing the area, they are tasked with smoothening out the landscape. When grading is done well the site to be worked on is more efficient and the driveways as well as foundations can be easily reached.

Operating excavation equipment

Companies in the conduction industry that do a lot of work for private companies and government projects often get short staffed and hire excavation contractors. Most times they are hired to operate complicated equipment that is necessary for site preparation. These excavation equipment can only be operated by trained professionals to avoid any destruction taking place on the site. Most contractors have a lot of experience in operating the machines and can handle different projects easily making them an asset to owners of construction companies.


Excavation contractors are not limited to working on construction sites, as some can be found on exploration sites as well. These sites usually have important artifacts that have historical significance to the people living in the area and possibly around the world. In such cases, the contractors are hired to excavate the artifacts in a safe manner ensuring that none is destroyed.

Overall, the importance of excavation contractors cannot be underestimated by anyone looking to put up a structure and have it stand firm for many years. If you are contemplating starting in a building project, you need to start by hiring the best contractors to handle excavation on the site.