Who Are Deck Builders And What Do They Do


If you have adequate space on your property and want an outdoors area where you and your loved ones can relax, then you should consider building a deck. Decks are raised platforms adjoining your house where you can put a table, a couple of seats or even a small grilling area to relax in under favorable weather conditions. You can choose to roof them or leave them as open air areas depending on your area’s weather conditions and your personal preference.

Decks might appear to be deceptively simple structures but a lot of work goes into constructing a proper deck. If you decide to erect a deck on your property, it is advisable that you engage the services of a professional deck builder. This guide will highlight the role and duties of your deck builder and why you should consider hiring one.

Who are deck builders?

Deck builders are professional contractors who have been certified as being competent in the art of deck building. Unlike most outdoor contractor work, decks need to not only be functional, but to also reflect the personality of the property owner. Building a deck is a relatively costly affair. So by the time you want one you probably have a purpose for it.

A deck builder is the person (or company) who will work towards building the deck of your dreams. As with all contractor work, you need to be wary of non-professional (usually cheap) individuals who purport to be ‘deck builders’. A professional deck builder needs to be certified and licensed. As with all contractors, you need to ensure that you are working with someone that has comprehensive insurance coverage that protects your property as well as the workers who will be working for/with your deck builder.

What do deck builders do?

  • Help you design your deck

As already touched upon, when you want a deck, you usually have a purpose which you want it to serve. You may want somewhere to have a family cookout, enjoy a drink with your friends or a place for your children to play outdoors with their toys. Most people also extend their decks towards their swimming pool areas to have a place to lounge in the shade after a swim when the weather gets too hot. The purpose of your deck will determine its design.

One of the least appreciated jobs that deck builders do is that they help you design your deck. Based on their past experiences, and their design training, your deck builder will be able to have a sit down with you, hear your input, and come up with a deck design that will suit your needs and (most importantly) your budget.

  • Find the right materials for your deck

Decks have traditionally been built by wood. However, there are many other synthetic materials that are presently in the market which your contractor can use to make your ideal deck. Your budget is the biggest determining factor of the materials that will be used in your deck construction. If you want a more environmentally-conscious deck, then you might want to use synthetic materials for your deck. The types of wood available in your area will also determine your deck’s raw materials as will the weather patterns in your area.

  • Build your deck

As their job title suggests, the main job that your deck builder will do is to actually build your deck. Once you are done with the planning and designing phase, your deck builder will get to work and build your deck for you. As you are working with a certified professional deck builder, you will have a contract in place that states the agreed upon price, payment schedule, and expected date of completion.

  • Customize and maintain your deck

One of the best things about decks is that they are highly customizable. After your dream deck has been constructed, should you need any more additional work done, your deck builder will be more than happy to oblige. If you had an open deck and you want to add some roofing, all you need to do is to contact your deck builder. Chances are that you will get favorable pricing as a repeat customer. Also, your deck will suffer some wear and tear after some years of use; contact your deck builder to carry out any repairs on your deck.

  • Adhere to building codes

Depending on where you live, and the type of deck that you are building, there might be some building codes that you need to follow. Your professional deck builder will be able to get the permits for your deck approved by the relevant authorities and ensure that your deck meets all regulatory requirements as per your zoning and building codes.

As this guide shows, there are many roles that the deck builder fulfills before, during, and after the construction of your deck.