Who Are Carpet Installers And What Do They Do?


Carpet installers lay carpets from rolls or blocks and install them on floors. The process involves sticking the padding to the floor area and trimming it to fit in the room. A carpet installer is a trained professional with a high school diploma and a Carpet, Floor, and Tile Work certificate from a recognized institution such us IICRC. But when looking for carpet installers, do not expect to find an individual. You will be looking for a carpet installation contractor company.

So, what exactly do carpet installers do? Read on to find out.

Carpet Installation

When your home needs a new carpet, you require the services of carpet installer. A professional carpet contractor provides exceptional services. They will have the necessary equipment, trained carpet installation technicians, and the right type of carpet for your home.

During installation, expect to see them measuring, cutting, and sticking the carpet to the floor using staples and other types of adhesives. A professional carpet installer will move the furniture around as needed at no extra cost. They also install carpets on stairs, walls, and ceilings.

Carpet installers are not limited to residential homes. They install new carpets on any space that requires carpet flooring. Such spaces include hospitals, filming theatres, churches, and office buildings.

Carpet assessment

An important step before any carpet installation is the assessment. Once you request a quote from a carpet contractor, they will send a representative for an in-house assessment. During the assessment, the representative measures the size of room and spaces that require carpet installation. They also offer recommendations and advice on the best type of carpet for your home.

If there is an existing carpet, the options are to either repair or replace. The carpet contractor representative will tell you if the carpet can be repaired. When the carpet is highly damaged or too old that they will not get its exact type in the market, the option is replacement.

Carpet repair

Among the many services provided by carpet installers are carpet repair services. Tears, burns, stains, and fading are some of the reasons for carpet repair. Stains can be removed through carpet cleaning. However, some stains are so stubborn that no amount of carpet steaming will remove them. A professional carpet contractor will explore the possibility of repairing the stained part instead of replacing the whole carpet.

The carpet repair process involves removing the damaged part and replacing it with a patch that is in good condition. Note that the process is not as easy as it sounds. If it is not done right, the result can be more damage to the carpet resulting in the need for larger repairs or direct replacement. The process requires skillful carpet installers with the right equipment – a combination you will only find when you hire experienced and reputable carpet contractors.

Carpet selection

You are the owner of the carpet and you are the one paying for the carpet installation. So, why should someone else do the carpet selection for you? The answer is simple, experience. Carpet installers have been in the carpet industry for long. As such they know the best quality of carpets.

Carpets come in different fibers, patterns, styles, and colors. The fiber is an important consideration. Some fibers are more durable than others, and the fiber that is good for the living room is not necessarily ideal for the kitchen. The stain resistance of carpets is determined by the fiber too.

It is important to consult your carpet installer during the selection of carpet. Most carpet contractors prefer to supply the carpet as opposed to you buying the carpet.

Carpet removal

You may need carpet removal for two reasons – either you need a new carpet installed or you want to get rid of the carpet in favor of another type of flooring. Whichever is the case, you may need the services of a carpet installer.

Of course, DIY carpet removal is an option. You only need a utility knife and a pry bar. But, there is a high chance that, due to inexperience, you will damage the underlying floor. You may also not be able to remove the carpet in one piece.

A carpet installer will remove the carpet without damaging the floor. They will also clean after finishing leaving your floor in mint condition.

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