Who are Carpet Cleaners and What Do They Do?


Who are Carpet Cleaners?

Take this scenario; “You are sipping red wine or enjoying a large pizza while watching a movie. By accident, you knock over your glass of wine or a greasy slice of pizza and it stains your carpet.” If you are lucky, the spilling won’t do any damage. But what do you do when the stain is significant? I’ll tell you what. You call carpet cleaners to get your carpet looking brand new again. Carpet cleaners are experts that offer professional carpet cleaning services at a fee. They deal with dusty, stained and smelly carpets that just won’t let you rest.

Dirty carpets can prove to be a stressing procedure. There is more to just getting detergents and wiping off the dirt. There are factors to be considered; including the type of the carpet, size of the carpet, and whether the carpet is permanently fixed on the floor or it’s removable. There are different kinds of carpets. Woven, tufted, and knotted ones are rather, heavy in nature thanks to the thick fabrics used to make them. Needle-felt ones are made through fine synthetic fibers and are less thick in comparison. The type of carpet plays a critical role in dictating the method of cleaning used.

Dirty carpets are a concern for most homeowners. The dust harbored in them could cause health hazards like flu and allergens. Poor cleaning of carpets potentially leaves behind a bigger mess than there was initially and at times puts you at an even greater risk. Cleaning carpets is not as easy as ABC, especially when dealing with thick carpet rags with a high potential of soaking water. That is why it is advised to seek professional carpet cleaners near you.

Improper carpet cleaning could lead to weakening of the carpet fabric, making it prone to tearing. Soaked carpets that are not left to properly dry could leave a foul smell, not mentioning the health hazards it poses such as the potential growth of mold and other protozoan.

What do Carpet Cleaners Do?

Carpet cleaners play a cleaning and advisory role to their customers. The cleaning services they offer are based on the expertise they have on the different methods of cleaning carpets. Each type of carpet and type of stain is cleaned differently from the other. Carpet cleaners are tasked with the responsibility of examining the carpet, its condition (how dirty it is), any present stains, and whether they are of a greasy nature or colorant in nature.

They then make a judgment call on how best to clean the carpet. There are two major forms of carpet cleaning; Hot water cleaning and dry cleaning.

  1. Hot water extraction                                                                                                                                                                This method of carpet cleaning involves cleaning out soil and such dirt particles from the carpet. A special machine is used to spray jets of hot water filled with cleaning chemicals into the carpet. The hot water is simultaneously vacuumed up, carrying with it the dissolved soil and dirt particles. It is the most effective carpet cleaning method.
  2. Dry -cleaning                                                                                                                                                                              Dry- cleaning involves using specialized machines that use very low moisture (VLM) systems to clean the carpet. There are several methods under this category.
    • Encapsulation                                                                                                                                                                   This method uses detergent polymers that make surfactant molecules attach themselves to oily soil particles, emulsifying them so that they can be easily rinsed off. The emulsified soil particles then float on the surface of the carpet and are dry vacuumed.
    • Dry foam carpet cleaning                                                                                                                                                    A dry foam machine with a pressure tank filled with a solution of shampoo and little water is used to clean the carpet. The shampoo and water make foam (90% air 10% liquid) is applied on the carpet and immediately vacuumed off. Carpet cleaners use this method for needle felt carpets, water sensitive carpets and any other carpet that would pose a problem in water extraction.
    • Dry Compound                                                                                                                                                                 This method uses slightly moist absorbent compounds for cleaning. The absorbents are applied onto the carpet and scrubbed in. The compound extracts the dirt and evaporates, leaving the dirt on the surface. The dirt is then cleaned using a normal vacuum cleaner.
    • Shampoo                                                                                                                                                                              Slightly wet shampoo is applied to the carpet and scrubbed on using rotary machines. Later, a thorough wet vacuuming is performed.                                                                                                                                   Our comprehensive list of carpet cleaning companies offer such carpet cleaning services at very pocket-friendly prices. Our services are effective, leaving your carpet sparkling clean with a nice fresh scent of sweet shampoo.