What To Expect During A Professional Carpet Cleaning Service


Hiring a carpet cleaning service is the first step towards getting your carpets cleaned and smelling fresh. Getting your carpet cleaned should be a good experience for homeowners and their families. To ensure that your experience is a memorable one, you need to know what to expect even before opening up your home to a professional carpet cleaner. Below are some things to look ahead to when engaging a carpet cleaning service.


For you to have a proper carpet cleaning experience, the existing carpeting needs to be inspected. The service technician inspects every inch of the carpet noting down areas its construction and soiling condition. They will also take into consideration any areas of concern on your part and advice on stains that will be removed during cleaning and those that are permanent. After the inspection, you will be provided with an evaluation of the final work which is often accompanied with an invoice.

Dry vacuuming

Removing any dry soil particles on the carpet is an essential part of making it clean. Most times, it is done using a commercial vacuum cleaner that has the ability to quickly pick up the particles and have them ready for disposal. The vacuuming will be done on all parts of the carpet to ensure that no soil is left on its surface.

Moving furniture

Technicians that are involved in the cleaning process will move chairs, tables and other types of furniture away from the carpet. They will use blocks to protect the feet of the furniture to avoid them getting damaged. It is important to confirm if moving furniture is part of the cost on the invoice because some carpet cleaning services have an extra cost for the service. also, if you have breakables in the room, it is advisable to take them out even before the cleaning crew get on site.

Pre-spraying and spot treatment

Spraying of a pre-conditioning agent is done in areas of the carpet that handle a lot of foot traffic. The agent has the ability to breakdown general spots and oil so that cleaning the area will be much easier. For carpets with difficult spots, a special solution is applied beforehand to make it easier to remove when cleaning. However, some companies have an extra cost for expert stain removal which involves the use of high end cleaning detergents and equipment.

Cleaning and rinsing

Before cleaning, some cleaning companies will pre-groom the carpet to further loosen the soil. When pre-grooming is completed, cleaning is done using a powerful extractor that removes all the soil from the carpet while ensuring no sticky residue is left behind. The extraction doe not over wet the carpet making the rinsing much easier. in addition, rinsing of the carpet is done using a powerful vacuum system that dries it quickly leaving it softer and cleaner for a long time.

Post grooming and spot treatment

In some cases, spots on the carpet remain behind even after thorough cleaning has been done. To eliminate the spots carpet technicians apply spotting techniques in the affected areas to see if they can be removed before continuing with the cleaning process. Also, at this time another round of grooming is done to help it dry faster and leave your carpet file standing tall.

Speed drying

Actual drying of the carpet is done using air movers that operate on high velocity to help it dry much faster. This machine is ideally used in majority of carpet cleaning jobs to enable homeowners use their carpets almost immediately. However, some homeowners prefer to wait it out and let their carpets dry at their own pace so that they eliminate any chances of mold growing underneath them when damp.

Application of carpet protection

To keep your carpet in good condition for a long time, your carpet cleaner may apply the appropriate carpet protector. The protection prevents stains or dirty spots from spoiling your carpet while helping your vacuuming to be more efficient in the long run. Carpet protection services are considered as extras and may be done at an additional cost by some cleaning companies.

 Final inspection

When cleaning is complete, the carpet technician will do a walkthrough with you to ensure that everything has been done as agreed. The post inspection also involves the giving of suggestions on the best way to keep your carpet clean so that it can serve you longer.

Generally, investing in proper carpet cleaning is the best way to enjoy using carpets in any part of the home for many years.