What to Do About Low Water Pressure When You Have a Well

The well water that flows through your home may or may not have an issue with pressure. This is something that may not even come from the pump of the well, but it might have to do with the shower heads in the home. Here are some great ideas for boosting the water pressure in your home to make sure that you get that all over clean you need with more than a trickle from the shower head.

Switch Out Shower Heads

One of the easiest and most cost-effective thing to do first is to switch out shower heads. Some may be older or not the right head that really sends the water out. You can switch these to find out if it is able to fix the problem you’re having.

The Well Pump

If the well pump is old and it is not working as it should then it might not be able to produce enough water throughout the home. This is because it is trying to work double time to send the water from the bottom of the ground up to the pipes of the home. The pump may need to be replaced.

Check the Pressure on the Pump

It should never be below 20psi or above 60psi but if you need to adjust to be a bit more than what you have then you can turn the nut that is on the system to the right place. If this does not help the situation then you may have to consider the age or condition of the pump that is being used.

Hot Water Heater

Sometimes the problem is not with the pump or the well at all, but with the water heater. The heater may have sediment and build up at the bottom which is causing the water to slowly be removed from the system which can cause the pressure to be much less than if the heater was in the best shape possible.

Always contact a professional regarding the well water pressure that you’re experiencing. They’re able to provide you with the best solution to your problem.

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