What To Consider When Planning A Deck Build


Building a deck in your outdoor area needs a lot of planning. Besides having an idea of the final look of the deck, it is important to consider other factors as well. Some of the factors to keep in mind when planning a deck build are listed below.

  1. Purpose of the deck

Decks are ideal for areas that enjoy warm weather several months within the year. These decks are a great way of expanding your indoor space to the outdoor area. Even so, it is important to think through the reasons for building a deck before starting on the project. Some of the valid reasons for building a deck include the need for a space for entertaining, dining or having your own private time. Also, the deck can be a great addition to a pool, gardening or spa area.

  1. Space

The size of the deck will be determined by the available space in your home. For smaller properties, the deck is usually built on the available space. If you have a bigger space, you have the privilege of deciding on the best location to set it up and how expansive you want it to be. Even so, the location of the deck is often decided important factors which include nearness to the home, privacy, wind, sun, shade, rain, and the available view. Consider setting up the deck in a space that has a pleasant view to make its use more enjoyable for you and your family.

  1. Budget

Building a functional deck area requires some amount of monetary investment. Therefore, it is important to have an idea of the amount of money needed to build your dream deck. Limited budgets will result in a smaller and simply-designed deck, while a bigger budget can get you a larger and more lavish design for your deck. Some of the things to include in your budget for a deck build include cost of timber, deck size, design intricacy, and professional fees for the builder. Also, any extras built in the deck such as railings, flowerboxes, and built-in seating may increase the overall cost of its construction.

  1. Type of timber

Wood is the popular choice when it comes to building decks. However, the timber used is available in a variety of versions for the benefit of homeowners. Some of the popular types of wood used include those that are weather-resistant, pressure-treated and hardwoods. All these types of timber have specific advantages that you need to be aware of before settling on the best one. Apart from timber, decks can also be built using recycled products such as aluminum or plastic. The recycled products are often combined with wood fiber to increase their durability.

  1. Deck height

The best decks are those that complement the beauty of the home and are functional as well. It is important to build a deck that has an appropriate height so that it can blend in with the rest of the architecture. Most homeowners build high or multi-level decks depending on the space available. When setting up a deck that is higher than the ground consider installing railings for safety. Also, if your deck can be seen by your neighbors due to height, you may need to install private screens for privacy.

  1. DIY or professional deck builder?

Decks are basically freestanding platforms built for outdoor use. These platforms can be simple in design or complicated depending on your preference. They can be built as a DIY project but you must have great carpentry skills to construct them well. If unsure of your skills or are thinking of building a complicated deck, you need to hire a professional deck builder. Deck builders that are trained and have skills in handling such projects will save you time and money. Also, they will build a deck that meets your specific needs allowing you to enjoy a well constructed outdoor area.

  1. Legal requirements

Building a deck has to be approved by your local city or county office. Most times, they require blue prints of the project before giving a go ahead for construction to begin. It is therefore important to find out the laws that govern such construction projects. Check on county websites to get information on building codes or permits that are related to remodeling or addition of decks to residential structures. Generally, finding out this information should be the first step taken before making the decision on whether to put up the deck in your home or not.

Building a deck is a worthwhile project for homeowners seeking to extend their living space. To get the best out of the project, it is important to keep the above pointers in mind.