What To Consider Before Hiring An Asphalt Contractor

Asphalt pavements and driveways make your home or business look good. The smooth black surface gives a good impression of the owner. If applied the right way and properly maintained, an asphalt pavement can last up to forty years. To reap the benefits of asphalt, you need to find a perfect asphalt contractor. To find that contractor, consider the following factors.



Asphalt contractors are licensed by the state they are registered in. Before hiring a contractor, you should ask to see a copy of their license document. Check this page for sites of the licensing boards in different states. Lack of proper licensing is a big red flag. Such a contractor is not likely to provide good services, and neither are they supposed to work on your property.


Not only should you request license documents, but also insurance documents. You should specifically check for these two types of insurance; general liability and workman’s compensation. The latter is particularly very important. Accidents do happen during construction. If a contractor’s employee is injured on your premises, they can file a lawsuit against, you, the homeowner. But with the insured asphalt contractors you find here, you will never have to worry about that because the liability won’t be upon you.
Good contractors also have auto liability and umbrella policy insurance. You should also check to see if the coverage amount is adequate. The minimum amount for each policy should be $500,000. Professional asphalt contractors have policy covers of up to $2 million.

Reputation and experience

How reputable is the contractor? You can rely on word of mouth and online reviews to determine a company’s reputation. You can also request for references from the contractor. A contractor that is shy to provide references is surely not a good one.
You should also consider how long the contractor has been in business. We have found out that contractors with many years of experience generally do a better job. The company employees should also be experienced and certified. Talk to them to try and gauge their experience and knowledgeability.

Quality of asphalt

Asphalt recycling is common in the US. But, the more it is recycled, the more its quality degrades. If a contractor uses low-quality asphalt, the lifespan and look of the pavement are greatly affected. Therefore, you should work with contractors that use high-quality asphalt. Not all contractors might be honest about the quality of asphalt they use; but looking at their recent works is a good way of determining this.


Does the contractor have asphalt application equipment? If so, is it in good condition? If the asphalt application machines and other equipment used by contractors break down during application, the result will be a pavement that does not look good and that is not likely to last long. Therefore, check that the contractor’s machinery is properly maintained.
One asphalt contractor scam is, “I can apply asphalt by hand and achieve the same quality as a paving machine.” Avoid such a contractor. Such contractors market their services door-to-door and use leftover asphalt from other projects. Homeowners fall for this scam because of the cheap rates.


An asphalt application crew for an average driveway project should consist of 5 to 8 members. Big projects require larger crews. You should check that the contractor has adequate staff. Lack of enough staff during application will affect the quality of the result.


You should always hire asphalt contractors that provide services in your local area. Local contractors have experience in asphalt application in your area. So, they are familiar with the soil and the climate. These factors determine the asphalt mixture and application process, guaranteeing you better quality in the end.

Payment and contract

Asphalt contractors who know what they are doing will not ask for a down payment unless the project cost is above $10,000. Unprofessional contractors will often ask for a down payment. Such contractors will misuse your deposit and end up requesting more money before the project is finished.
A good contractor will also provide you with a written contract. This contract will detail the agreed total cost of the project, the payment terms, project details, warranty, and other terms and conditions.

Where to find good asphalt contractors

After considering the factors outlined above, you should be able to find a good contractor. Still, you may find the task overwhelming. Fortunately for you, we are here to help. You can search good asphalt contractors here at Contractors Today. Contractors listed on our website are reviewed and vetted to make sure they provide quality services. We have made sure that they use the right materials and equipment, they are licensed, insured, and that they have a good reputation.