What To Consider Before Hiring A Deck Builder


Building a deck is a dream for many homeowners. There are lots of people out there saving money to build their recreational outdoor space. So if you are planning to build a deck and finally have enough money to do so, you are among the lucky few. To get the perfect deck, you need to hire a contractor that is able to deliver quality work. Some of the things to have in mind when hiring a deck builder are listed below.

  1. Budget

Building a deck is a moderately capital-intensive venture requiring an adequate amount of money for its completion. It is therefore important to list down everything you need and set aside money for the construction work. The budget should include payment to the deck builder to give you an idea of the overall amount of funds needed. If working with a limited budget, consider hiring a contractor that can do the job with the available funds. The best way to find such contractors is by comparing quotes from two or three companies and selecting a suitable one. Ensure that there are no hidden fees in their final quote to avoid surprises when the building of the deck is completed.

  1. Experience

A deck builder that has been building decks for many years is a good choice when planning to build your own. They are able to advice you on the best options and designs for your space and budget. Majority of them also have the resources and workforce to enable them put up the deck as required and within the agreed time frame. Nevertheless, there are some deck builders that can also do exemplary work despite their limited experience in the industry. If you come across such contractors through online research or referrals, it is important to check out their previous jobs before hiring them.

  1. Track record

The past performance of a deck builder is an indicator of the kind of work they will do for you. Most contractors will provide information on type of decks they have built and the clients that have booked their services. It is important not to take them at their word. Instead, reach out to their former clients to get their view on the services offered by the deck builder in question. If possible, visit one of the homes where they have set up a deck and check out the work on your own. Apart from their workmanship, find out about their work ethic and customer service when on the job.

  1. Reviews/feedback

Majority of deck builders have websites that they use to give information about the services they offer. It is also a platform for former clients to leave feedback or reviews about their work. When looking to hire a contractor, it is important to read through the reviews on their site and other online platforms. Normally, the feedback will be a mix of positive and negative comments depending on the decking services received by the client. The reviews will give you an opportunity to get an unbiased view of the kind of work done by the contractor.

  1. Licenses and insurance

Legitimate deck builders must have a valid license that allows them to work within the county or state. These licenses are mandatory in most counties and are obtained from the local authority. It is important to confirm that a contractor has approval to build decks in the area. If they have workers, it is vital that they have their papers in order as well. Apart from having a valid license, contractors are expected to have insurance with adequate coverage. The types of insurance available to decking contractors include liability insurance, employee-related insurance, and cover for equipment used on site. You need to confirm that the deck builder has these insurance covers before hiring them.

  1. Payment terms

In many states, contractors are paid some money before commencing on building the deck. However, the upfront payment is often a certain percentage to enable them get the required material and resources to do the job. Some states have a fixed percentage while others leave the decision to the deck builder. It is therefore important to confirm the amount expected by a contractor before hiring them. If the initial payment is agreeable then you can have them prepare a contract and include the amount before signing off for the work to begin.

Overall, your choice of a decking builder will make the difference between a well constructed deck and a shabby-looking structure in your backyard. To get the best contractor for your outdoor space use the tips listed above.