What Exactly Is a General Contractor?

Before you take on your next building project, it’s important to think about the professionals that you’ll hire once you do, and what exactly those professionals are going to do for you. One of the most important of all the building professionals is the general contractor. It’s important that you understand what a general contractor is, what they can do for you and why you might hire a general contractor in the future as well. Once you understand all these things you’ll know exactly whether you should hire a general contractor for that next building project.



What a General Contractor Does

A general contractor is the main boss person on a building project that hires all the other workers to come in and do their jobs. He is the guy that hires the electrician, the framers, the painters and everyone else to handle the work for your major construction project. General contractors are well-known for completing projects efficiently and even though they cost money they can often save you money throughout all the phases of a building project.

  • Hires all the workers for your project
  • Estimates the overall timeline for a project
  • Take care of subcontractor payments up front
  • Handles change orders and client requests
  • Takes care of cost estimates for a project

The Value of a General Contractor

A quality general contractor will help ensure that your construction project is finished on time and that the workers hired are all satisfied along the way. Hiring a skilled contractor is all you need to do for most jobs that you want finished. From there the general contractor will access his or her network of professionals to get your project done. It doesn’t matter what you need completed, whether you need masons, electricians, plumbers or all the above, the contractor has access to the right workers for your project.

It’s important to take your time when choosing a general contractor to work for you to ensure that you get the best results for your money. Look at customer reviews and even check with the Better Business Bureau to see which companies have good ratings before you get a quote for your project.  Be sure to take your time deciding which contractor is going to be the best for you. This might also mean working with a few different contractors before you decide on the one that you like best in the end. Research a few different types of contractors and then start looking at your options to pick the one that fits you best.

With a good solid understanding of what general contractors are and what they do, you shouldn’t have too much trouble deciding if you need one and how to find a quality option to work with.