What Does a Residential Architect Do?

Residential architects are hired for all sorts of home improvement or home design projects, but it’s hard deciding whether you want to hire an architect if you don’t know exactly what they do. Below is a breakdown of what a residential architect does for building projects, and why they are so valuable to have for serious projects. After reading along you should have a good idea of what the purpose of a residential architect is and whether or not you need one.

Planning the Design

The very first thing that most residential architects do is sit down with the client and figure out what it is that they want from the service.



This means talking about what the home should have and what it should look like. During this time the architect will make suggestions and take lots of notes that will later be used for the design phase.

Designing the Home

With all the client’s information, the architect will get hard at work drawing up designs for the residential project. That means laying out how the house or the remodel project is going to go from start to finish. The design will include things like dimensions, materials and building procedures as well. The architect must take his original design idea and then transform it into a project that can be manufactured, which is one of the more challenging aspects of working as a residential architect.

Making Necessary Changes

Once an architect finishes the first design draft he will show it off to his clients and then wait for feedback. Clients will give ideas for the design and explain how to improve it. The architect takes this information and goes back to change around the original design. It takes time coming up with the perfect design and it is a slight back and forth process between the homeowner and the architect, but the final design should fit the client’s wants as closely as possible.

Translating the Design for Contractors

Once the home is laid out and designed, the architect will get to work translating that design into a format that contractors can make use of. This means the pictures will have dimensions and explain the different structural components of the design. The architect will also break the project down so that it is easier to build.

Overseeing the Project

Most architectural firms today that specialize in residential design oversee their projects until completion. While they won’t be around to instruct the builders every day of the project. They will act as an advisor for the build and explain how to make sure that the building comes together properly. It’s important to get architects involved because they are the masterminds of the design and can make sure that the finished results are what they are supposed to be.

Residential architects are an important component to new house construction as well as major remodeling projects. They can enhance the final results of a project and speed the process along as well, and are an excellent investment in the right circumstances.

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