What Do Asphalt Contractors Do?

Asphalt has many applications including constructing pavements, parking lots, and roads. Therefore, the services of asphalt contractors are sought by homeowners, commercial clients, and municipalities. Building engineers prefer asphalt for many reasons, the main one being its durability. But, before you hire an asphalt contractor, you need to know what services they provide.


Residential asphalting solutions

Most homeowners require asphalting in their driveways. As a homeowner, your driveway options are concrete and asphalt. When you consider factors such as budget and maintenance, asphalt will win the day. Other asphalt applications in homes include parking lots, sporting courts, and pavements. Asphalt contractors not only provide new asphalt application services but also resurfacing and repair.

Commercial asphalting solutions

Asphalt contractors provide asphalt solutions for general contractors, commercial building owners, institutions, and municipalities. Unlike residential asphalting applications, commercial areas experience huge traffic. Professional asphalt solutions providers tailor each project to suit its needs. Note that, not all asphalt contractors provide commercial solutions. Here is a tool to help you locate commercial asphalting contractors.

Asphalt seal coating

What do you do when there is a pothole on the driveway or parking lot? You should consider asphalt seal coating. The process involves preparing the degraded area by thoroughly cleaning it using blowers, brushes, and power sweepers. In case of oil and grease patches, they are cleaned, then primed so that the asphalt emulsion properly bonds. The preparation is an important step, and unfortunately, not all contractors do it right. Seal coating existing asphalt decreases its porousness, hence making the asphalt last longer.

Asphalt and pavement maintenance

Pavements and other asphalt areas should be regularly maintained to ensure they last longer. Heavy traffic and temperature differences as seasons change wear out the asphalt. Cracks will eventually emerge. With time, the small cracks chip and widen to become potholes, and the potholes will eventually mature to trenches along your pavement.
Asphalt contractors have maintenance programs that you can sign up for. Good contractors will tailor a program that suits your pavement needs and that fits your budget. Ultimately a maintenance program helps;

  • Increase the lifetime of the pavement
  • Improve the look of the pavement
  • Improve operational safety of the asphalt area

Industrial parks

Just like it is convenient in driveways, and pavement, asphalt is also applied in huge parking lots and industrial parks. These parks experience heavy traffic from freight trucks, tractors, and other heavy machinery. High level of civil works experience and knowledgeability of the safety standards such huge projects require is paramount. Therefore, for such projects, clients should hire contractors with the right equipment and adequate resources.

Permeable asphalt paving

Rain water runoff and consequently overwhelmed storm drains are the main negative environmental impacts of pavements. A good solution to these effects is constructing porous pavements. Porous asphalt paving allows water to pass through to the stone bed constructed immediately below the asphalt layer. Porous asphalt is just as durable as the impermeable asphalt. Learn more about porous asphalt here.

Line striping

Don’t you just enjoy parking in a properly marked area? A properly stripped parking lot enhances the safety of employees, customers, and tenants. Professional asphalt contractors build a durable and parking lot and properly strip it to maximize operational safety. The best time to introduce proper line stripping is right after the application of a fresh seal coat and after the completion of a new pavement project.

Find the right asphalt contractor near you

Whether it is a driveway, a pavement, a road, or a parking lot, finding the right asphalt contractor is important. We, Contractors Today, are committed to helping you do just that. We know that asphalt needs to be poured and finished by a contractor who knows what they are doing. So, let us help you find the perfect asphalt contractor near you using our Asphalt Contractors locator.