What Causes Loose Floor Tiles?

Loose floor tiles are also known as drummy tiles. This can be caused by several issues that come about. It is important to note the issues but also to make sure that you have the floor tiles that are loose taken care of. When you do, everyone can rest assured knowing that the tile is no longer loose and that the floor now looks put together.

Bad Adhesive

When the tiles are not sticking like they should, the problem might not be the tiles but with the adhesive. The adhesive might not have enough stick to it, it might be old, or it might have dried before the tile was laid down on it. When the adhesive works like it should, there should be a strong hold between the tile and the adhesive.

Excessive Movements Over the Tiles

When you have too much movement over the tiles, especially before they set, this can loosen them up and cause many of them to crack or break. You want to make sure that you choose the right tile if you’re using it in a high traffic area but also that the floor was prepped and leveled for the tile.

The Wrong Adhesive Was Used

There are different types of adhesives depending on the floor the tiles are going on. This means that you might not have had the right adhesive that sticks the tile to the specific floor under it. One of the biggest concerns with adhesives and tiles would be when the tiles are trying to be stuck to wooden floors. A specialty adhesive is required.

Anything can cause loose tiles but making sure to speak with the tile contractor regarding the issue can provide you with a way to have it resolved.

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