What Can Cause a Seawall to Collapse?

There are many reasons that can cause a seawall to collapse and this can cause further problems in the home that might be next to the water level. By knowing the reasons for a collapsed seawall, you can work to prevent this from happening or ensure that the seawall that is currently there is reinforced with better structural supports around it.

#1 Poor Maintenance

Not maintaining the seawall can cause it to collapse or break down with time. To keep the sea at bay, you need to have walls that are properly built and properly maintained throughout the years. The sea is going to break down the wall with time, because this is just what happens. Managing and maintaining the wall can help reduce the corrosion that naturally happens.

#2 Seawall Cap Failure

The caps on the seawall might fail after being used for so long. This is a natural occurrence that happens to all seawalls. Additionally, it is important to consider the fact that the wall is always in contact with salt, so they will corrode with time and without the proper cleaning and rinsing, they can go even faster. Having them replaced within the specific amount of time is important.


#3 Weakening Sheet Piles

When the water comes crashing up to the bottom of the wall, this causes the wall to break down and shave off bit by bit. When this happens, the wall is going to end up crumbling under itself. This is what is going to cause the most problems in the wall when it is not properly maintained or fixed in a timely manner.

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