Both homes and businesses suffer from problems with intrusive water. It rots wood, causes electrical issues and can lead to some very serious damage. We’re waterproofing specialists and we can help alleviate these issues and more with our services. If you are running into problems with water leaking into your home, we can help with basement waterproofing, chimney capping, flashing, roof repairs and much more.

Basement Waterproofing

Basements are common areas of the home that suffer from issues with water. A poor basement can fill right up with water and that’s never something that you want to have to deal with. If your basement is flooding, we can help seal it up and keep it dry throughout the year. We’ll assess the situation and come up with a sealant and sump pump solution that will prevent the issue from occurring again.

Chimney Cap

We can offer chimney cap services to stop water from getting down in through your chimney and making its way into your home. A good solid chimney cap will help your chimney last longer, while adding to the style of your home or business in the process.

Flashing Repairs and Sealing

The flashing of your roof oversees ensuring that no water makes it into your home by going behind your roofing itself. We understand that flashing does not last forever, and eventually it’s going to need to be resealed. Do yourself a favor and get our services now before the situation becomes more serious. We’ll come out and seal up your flashing and install new material where necessary.

Roof Repairs

One of the main reasons that buildings suffer from water damage is because a leak develops in the roofing. If the roofing in your home or business is beginning to leak, we can help prevent damage from occurring. We’ll repair your roofing issues to create a nice dry seal once again.

For any waterproofing needs, call us for help today when you need to find a roofing specialist to handle waterproofing or other roof repair or installation.