Standard asphalt has been used on roadways around America for decades, but it’s not necessarily the best option available any longer. Both European countries and America are now trying out a solution known as warm-mix asphalt. It’s more environmentally friendly and offers some performance advantages as well, while still providing most of the operating characteristics of standard asphalt.

Lower Energy Costs

One of the biggest advantages of warm-mix asphalt is that it does not have to be heated to such extreme temperatures. This means that it requires significantly less power to create the finished product. That helps make the material more environmentally friendly, and it releases fewer toxins out into the air as well. That’s good for surrounding cities that are making use of the new roadway, and it’s a good option for locations that are concerned about being green and reducing their environmental impact.

Faster Installation

Another major advantage of warm-mix asphalt is that it doesn’t require as much effort to flatten down into a nice smooth and thin surface. Fewer roller passes are required and there is less curing time before the roadway is useable. That means that roads or businesses don’t have to be closed as long while waiting for things to harden up, and maintenance will not take as long in the future either. That’s great news for most businesses and for towns that deal with lengthy maintenance periods now.

Longer Service Life

While it’s true that warm-mix asphalt is more expensive to lay down than standard asphalt is, it’s also generally expected to last longer as well. That means that the costs even out, and in some instances the material is more affordable over its full lifespan than other solutions. Business owners will not have to worry about having maintenance crews out to fix their parking lots as often, and cities and towns will not have to schedule regular maintenance quite as often with these roadways.

While warm-mix asphalt isn’t the right solution for everyone but it’s the perfect solution for those looking for a way to be more environmentally conscious, or you simply want to extend the working lifespan of your roadways or parking lots, consider making use of warm-mix pavement instead of standard asphalt. Call our company today to learn about our warm-mix offerings and how you can get a more effective roadway or parking lot.