While trim often isn’t considered as a regular component of home improvement projects, it makes a big difference and projects don’t look complete without it in most instances. Take windows for example. A brand-new window will help improve the look of your home and keep cold out, but it won’t look its best until window trim is added around the sides. The same is true for floors, doors and many other projects around the home.

Find Precision Professionals

It’s important to work with skilled professionals when having trim installed in your home. That’s because this is the stuff that’s going to make the rest of your project look nice. Our trim team is made up of experienced experts that know how to make precision cuts and install small trim material without defects. They’ll help put the finishing touches on your home improvement projects and give you a space that you can be proud of.

Window Trim

Good window trim goes nicely with the windows that you have put on your home while also making them more effective at keeping the weather out. Once installed on your house, the trim of your windows will really enhance your home’s exterior and keep moisture away from windows as well.

Our team of professional installers carefully puts different trim types in place to frame windows, and adds a layer of protective caulk behind the trim to keep moisture out. This acts as an additional barrier for your windows and

Door Trim

Door trim is a nice finish that’s necessary to make your doors look complete. It’s often made from wood, vinyl or composite and is installed with a caulk layer to keep moisture out. Not only does trim look nice and give doors a finished appearance, but when installed properly it also helps to keep the weather out and keep doors in good shape over time. It’s a worthwhile investment that you can make for your home.

Baseboard and Molding

Baseboard and ceiling molding is important for two reasons. The first is that it helps cover up any paint streaks and imperfections around the edges of the ceiling itself. We can install different baseboard and molding trims efficiently in most rooms around a home or business.

Custom Project Trim

Home improvement projects aren’t the only things that require trim and we understand that. Our team can help with all your trim needs and can even apply different trim types to your custom projects. Whether you are building a shed, constructing a grandfather clock, or remodeling your business, we’ll help trim out your project and cover up any defects along the way.

Call us and get help with your trim projects today.