Top Remodeling Trends of 2017

There are numerous remodeling trends out there and when it comes to being covered and upscale during the year, you can follow along. Grab some ideas from these trends that have graced the year and continue to be a more modern approach to having a beautiful home overall.

Kitchens are in Control – Kitchens continue to be king when it comes to what to change in the home and what costs the most to change. These were the most changed room during the year and continue to be a room that is constantly changing in other homes.

Mudrooms are a Must – When it comes to having children and a lot of traffic in and out of the home, you want to have a mudroom that is going to catch all. However, contractors are becoming cleverer and a dedicated room is no longer needed for this. An entry way with cubbies, hooks and more can be a dedicated mudroom space.

Low Maintenance – Homeowners are trying to go with materials and spots in their homes that are going to be lower maintenance then other spots in the home. With the use of man-made materials and other essentials, the home can be more comfortable for one and all.


More Organization – Organization is a top must have for the entire family. You want to make sure that you’re getting enough of it. With a remodel in the closets, bedrooms or other spots in the home, you can boost the organization that you find in your home.

Bathrooms are Another Must – When it comes to changing rooms of the home out, you want to make sure that you’re changing those bathrooms. Giving them, a marbled, upscale appearance is now the thing to do for the year.

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