Top Reasons to Plant in The Fall

Planting flowers in the fall come with many benefits, but it is important to know these benefits. Why might this help you out? Are the flowers going to die? Many people thought that spring was the time to plant, but this is not true for many reasons.

Here are some great reasons why many gardeners choose to plant a lot of their flowers and crops in the fall and why you might want to make the switch to planting in the fall time, as well.

  1. The ground is softer, but not too soft to plant the flowers in the ground. They have not sprouted yet, so they will not die out when the weather becomes colder.
  2. It is more comfortable to plant in the cooler weather, since the sun is not shining down on you like it would in the spring.
  3. The plants can continue to grow and flourish in the soil in the fall time, allowing them to take hold for when the spring months roll around.
  4. The plants can become easier established since they will suck the moisture from the winter months to get ready for the spring months.
  5. Nutrients are also easier for the plant to get throughout the fall months, so that when the plant starts to bloom in the warmer spring months, it blooms harder.

When before you might have thought that fall was the season where everything dies out, this is not true. A lot of landscaping is done throughout the fall months so that when the spring months roll around, the entire landscape is ready to go.

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