Top Home Improvement Trends of 2020

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The home improvement industry is constantly changing; influencers and experts in the field are constantly striving to improve designs, bringing their clients the next and greatest innovations. This in turn means that homeowners who are considering an update to their homes need to stay aware of what the coming trends are.

A trend is considered to be any popular movement within the industry that is predicted to remain relevant for at least 10 to 15 years. So, following the freshest trends means that your new home improvement will have the longest staying power.

Some trends for each year are simply a continuation of the most popular trends from the previous year, while others are completely new, emerging for the first time and exciting the industry. The following 5 trends are considered to be the most popular for 2020 and beyond.

Affordable, Wellness Focused Homes

For the last decade, there has been a big push toward bespoke cabinetry, islands, and layouts. This custom approach was designed to set people’s homes apart from one another, but it often priced homes out of the affordable range for many.

For 2020, therefore, things are beginning to swing the other way. The focus now isn’t so much on creating a custom, bespoke home, but one that emphasises affordable functionality and wellness. This demand is being met by the manufacturers who are beginning to include things in their materials and their products such as soft close doors and drawers, soy-based glues rather than formaldehyde, and higher quality sources. 

Multi-Purpose Spaces

For years, the open floor plan has dominated home layouts, and it will continue to do so into 2020. The difference is how people are beginning to think about these spaces. Rather than designating specific areas for a single use, people are beginning to think of using the open space in a variety of ways, making open floor plans much more fluid. Spaces are now becoming a home office, a family room, an entertainment area, or a quiet place to relax as the needs of the user change. This has led to more multi-functional furniture that can be used in different ways as well, such as coffee tables with built in storage, and sectional couches that can be arranged as needed. 

Increased Bathroom Sizes

The average bathroom size just 20 years ago was around 40 square feet. Today it’s as large as 125 square feet, and that trend will continue into 2020. This is partly because there is a larger focus on the bathroom than ever before. It’s being seen as a refuge or a place to relax and unwind, as well as a place to get ready for the day. Homeowners are putting large, freestanding tubs into their bathrooms as a focal point, so bathrooms have to get bigger to accommodate this and other large fixtures. 

More Color

There are several trends for home remodeling that are poised to be very big in 2020 that are about color and how it’s being used. This includes colorful kitchen cabinets, specifically accent cabinets in a very bright, bold color that contrasts the rest of the room. It also includes a new trend in removable wallpaper being used throughout the home; now it’s possible to get some color and pattern without the need to commit.

We’re also going to see tile in the kitchen and bathroom outside of the ordinary areas. For example, backsplashes will start climbing the walls around the cabinets, while wall tile in the bathroom will extend to the ceiling outside of the shower as well. This will mean more and better protection for walls, as well as the chance to introduce more color into the design. 

Smart Appliances

People are beginning to expect more out of the appliances and fixtures they’re putting into their homes, and for 2020 manufacturers are beginning to respond. Look for refrigerators that can adjust to keep produce fresher longer, and washers and dryers you can program to turn on at any time of the day. With hubs that control your home, it’s easy to connect appliances up to them, making homes smarter than ever.

Follow the Trends for the Freshest and Longest Lasting Looks.

Home improvements are an investment into the future of your home. So, it makes sense to ensure that they last the longest amount of time. Taking a look at the top trends of the coming year can help you ensure that any changes you make to your home will stay fresh and relevant for the next 10 to 15 years. Check out these and other trends in 2020 to have the most up to date home design going forward.