Top Five Tips to Conserve Energy During the Holidays

As the holidays approach, you want to make sure that you’re conserving energy during these times. When this happens, you need to make sure that you’re saving since it is the giving season and not spending money on things that can be prevented. Make sure to keep these five tips in mind when it comes to energy conservation throughout the home.

#1 Make the Switch to LEDs

When it comes to switching between Christmas lights, you want to make sure you’re going with not only the safest to have on, but also the ones that will conserve the most energy. LEDs are both. They can provide that beautiful, colorful glow of the holidays but you don’t have to worry about them burning down the house or costing you too much.


#2 Turn the Heat Down

When you have guests, turning down the heat can make the area more comfortable. It can also save you money by not having to heat the entire home. This is a win-win for everyone that is going to be spending time in the house.


#3 Turn Off Lights When Tree is Lit

Make sure to turn the lights off when the tree or other lights are lit. This is going to save you money by not having too many lights lit in one room. Plus, the colorful glow of the tree should be enough.


#4 Use Decorations That Have Fiber Optic

These decorations are not only safe, but they also do not require a lot of lights or energy to run. They require one bulb at the bottom of the decoration that can then be used to light up the rest of the decoration. It is still just as pretty, just not as expensive to run.


#5 Limit the Amount of Time Lights are Used

The holidays are a great time, but those holiday lights do not always have to be on. Putting them on a timer or something that turns them on when the sun sets can be a great way to make sure that you save money when the holiday season rolls around.

Conserving energy is a great thing to do when it comes to the holidays, but you need to make sure that your heating system is also up to date and maintained.

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