Top Five Questions About Tiling a Kitchen

There are many questions out there when it comes to any contractor job that is being done. When you’re the homeowner and not the expert then you want to make sure you’re getting the answers you need. When you are trusting in them completely then you may not know what questions you should probably be asking when it comes to tiling a kitchen.

Here are the top five questions that you should always ask a professional when it comes to tiling a kitchen and making it look its best.

  1. Do we install the tile flooring and then the cabinets or the cabinets and then the tiling flooring? – This can be done either way but usually the benefits of tiling and then adding cabinets outweighs the other method
  2. How can I tell if the tile I am choosing is best for walls or floors? – The PEI rating is going to tell you. The lower the rating, the better it is for walls, the higher the rating the better it is for higher traffic areas, including industrial-like areas
  3. Is my foundation going to be an issue? – If you’re installing tile flooring then the foundation can make or break the floors. Tiles will break when the foundation shifts and changes
  4. Will I need a subfloor when installing it? – If it is on the top floor or if it is being installed over beams or wooden surfaces then a subfloor can come in handy
  5. Should I paint before or after the tile flooring and walls are put in? – You shouldn’t wait. Paint before they come in and make sure to give the room enough time to dry. You don’t want the dust and debris from the flooring job to stick to the walls

Always make sure to be prepared for any job that is being done in your home. If you’re trying to find tile contractors working in your area, give us a call here at Contractors Today. We can provide more information on the tile contractors currently working in your area.