Top Five Exterior Painting Tips

When it comes to painting the exterior of your home, you need to keep some tips in mind. This is what is going to make you feel more confident about the paint job that is going to be done. Make sure that you love the outside of your home once it is done, so you can continue to enjoy all that it gives for the handful of years that you have it.

#1 Make Sure it is Clean!

Before any painting is to begin, you need to make sure that the outside of the home is completely cleaned down. You will have to use a pressure washer, as well as some scrubbing to completely clean the outside of the home prior to having the paint put on.


#2 Choose a Color You Love

This is a color that you’re going to be seeing for quite some time, so you need to make sure you choose the right one. When this happens, you can ensure that you’re getting something you love but that you’re not going to change your mind about a year down the road.


#3 Make Sure Trim is Covered

A lot of times, you might not get the trim painted. This might look silly depending on the color that you’re going with. However, if you’re getting the entire house painted, don’t forget that trim!


#4 Caulk Problem Areas

If there are any problem areas that leave holes or cracks, you can add some caulk to the area to fill them in before the paint is applied. This will allow the paint to smoothly go over the surface without falling into the crack.


#5 Prime Those Stains

Prime any stains that you might find on the outside of the home. These are dark and depending on your color, they might not be covered when the entire exterior of the home is done.

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