Tips to Winterize Your Home Efficiently

As the colder temperatures set in, you need to make sure that you’re winterizing your home accordingly. Never have to worry about not being able to winterize and take some more savings in those energy bills. Here are some of the top-rated ways that homeowners are winterizing their homes and saving cash by doing so in the process.

  1. Run your fans in reverse, this circulates the warm air throughout the home
  2. Check your furnace filter and make sure to replace it every month or so
  3. Make sure your furnace is up to date on all maintenance
  4. Make sure the outside water spigot is turned off completely
  5. Cover all windows and doors with a protective cover, weather stripping or caulk in the areas that are leaking to prevent heat loss
  6. Make sure to mind the thermostat and keep it on a comfortable temperature throughout the winter season
  7. Install new storm doors and windows if possible, this can help keep a lot of the heat inside the home and not let outside
  8. Turn down the water heater a bit
  9. Boost the insulation throughout the home to provide more of a comfortable environment
  10. Seal all the ducts to make sure that heat loss is not happening in those small areas
  11. Insulate the pipes throughout the home to prevent them from freezing due to the low temperatures
  12. Put on a sweater if you’re cold and not turn up the heat too high

Winterize your home to make the most of it. You want to ensure that you’re winterizing to save energy and time. When you prepare ahead of time, you can make sure that the home stays comfortable and you keep money in your pocket.

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