Tips to Storing Holiday Food Safely

The holidays are always a time when food is prepared and passed around. Oftentimes there are leftovers that are provided to members of the family. They bring them home and make sure to put them away but what safety tips should you keep in mind when it comes to holiday food prep and storage safety?

There are many reasons to store food safely and ensure that everyone has a happy, healthy holiday season.

Wash Your Hands!

Make sure that everyone is washing their hands. The first rule of food safety when doing any sort of preparing, serving or storing is to always wash your hands. Bacteria is found on them that can get onto the food.

Airtight Containers Always!

When storing food, make sure to place it in the fridge in airtight containers. You want to reduce the condensation that happens on the containers, but you also want to make sure the food inside stays fresh. Airtight containers can help with this.

Put Leftovers Away!

Don’t let leftovers sit out for too long. This can cause them to go bad or collect bacteria from the air and counters. Make sure that they’re placed in the proper containers and then placed in the fridge. This reduces the risk of sickness.

Thoroughly Cook!

Make sure all food that is cooked and served is thoroughly cooked and that it has been properly prepped. This will reduce the chances of having anyone get sick because of that holiday ham or turkey. A lot of times people will become sick due to something not being properly stored before it was cooked. Make sure after grocery shopping that these food items make it to the fridge in a timely manner.

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