Tips On How To Get The Best Excavation Contractors In The Market


Most of the time, any new construction project requires the services of an excavation contractor. This contractor will be responsible for removing and moving earth from the project site. Their work is very important as it involves the foundation of a project. For, that reason you should be very careful when choosing an excavation contractor to work with. Your project is only safe in the hands of the best excavation contractor.

So, how do you find the best excavation contractor in the market? Read the following tips.

Check the reputation of excavation contractors

The best excavation contractor is one that has a good reputation. Everyone knows that checking a contractor’s reputation is important, but, they go about it wrong. Checking a contractor’s website and calling a company representative is not enough. You need to conduct a thorough background check.

Start by asking around. Your friends and family have probably worked with excavation contractors before. Ask them to give you recommendations. You can also ask professionals in the building industry for recommendations. Ask your landscaper, real estate agent, plumbing contractor, or general contractor about the best excavation contractors in your area.

Once you have established a few top excavation contractors, call them to ask for references. Talking to a contractor’s previous customers is the best way to establish if they are as good as they claim. The following are some of the questions you should ask the previous customers;

  • How was it working with the contractor?
  • Were you satisfied with the quality of work provided?
  • Are you likely to hire them again?

Determine how experienced a contractor is

With jobs involving construction, experience is a requirement. So many things could go wrong were you to hire an amateur excavator. You want to hire a professional that has handled many varied excavation projects in the past. Such a contractor will know how to go about problems that arise during the excavation process.

Contractors keep a project portfolio. In the portfolio, you will find documentation of the various projects they have handled in the past. A company that has handled a wide range of projects is definitely experienced.

Remember, in your project the excavation contractor will work in close collaboration with other contractors such as plumbers, and general contractors. Find out if the excavator has experience working with others or they prefer working solo.

Compare quotes

The best excavation contractor is one that offers you a fair price. Contractors price their work differently. Nonetheless, their prices should not vary so much. For a clearer idea of the amount, your excavation project will cost, get quotes from different contractors. For accurate pricing, you need to provide potential contractors with as many details as possible. Do not be tempted to go with the lowest bidder. Contractors that know what they are doing have state of the art equipment. Therefore, they tend to charge higher prices.

Verify certifications and licensing

For one to handle and operate excavation equipment they need to have training and knowledge. The best excavation contractor has trained and certified technicians. The excavation company should also have the proper licenses and permits to handle the equipment. Ask the contractor to provide proof they are licensed.

It is illegal for contractors to operate without proper permits and licenses. Different states have different licensing requirements. You can find the license requirements for your state here.

Confirm that they are insured and bonded

It is very risky to hire a contractor that is not insured. Always ask for proof of insurance. Contractors have different policies and coverage depending on their size and scope of work they handle. However, they should all have general liability insurance and workman’s compensation insurance. The latter ascertains that the contractor’s employees are compensated should they get injured when working on your project. The general liability insurance will cover any damages the contractor causes when working on your property.

Discuss payment methods and options

Excavation projects often involve huge sums of money. Most contractors expect you to pay as work gets done. Avoid contractors that demand huge amounts of money before works get started.

That said, a good excavation contractor will offer flexible payment options and billing schedules. Make sure you discuss these options and settle on terms that are agreeable and reasonable to both parties. Once you hire them, make sure that the payments you make in every billing cycle correspond with work completed.

Where to find excavation contractors

Good excavation contractors can be hard to find, especially if you do not know where to look. Now that you are here, let us help you find an excavation contractor near you. We have listings of excavation contractors in all fifty states in the country. All you have to do is expand your state on this page, then select your county. On the next page, you get listings of excavation contractors operating there. It is that simple with Contractors Today.