Tips On How To Get The Best Carpet Cleaning Service


Getting the best company to clean your carpet is not as simple as it seems. Homeowners need to do research among friends, online resources and in local publications if they are to find experienced professionals to do a good job. Here are some things to look out for when looking for a carpet cleaning service.

See photos of their work

Many companies that offer carpet cleaning services have websites that display images of their previous jobs. In most cases, the photos will display “before” and “after” photos to give customers a chance to see the changes their services brought to the carpet. The images may also be accompanied by the testimonial of a satisfied customer. Make sure that pictures displayed on the site are recent and actually done by the cleaning company. Although images are a good representation of their work, you can also ask to accompany them to a current job to see them at work if the company is in your local area.

Talk to their previous clients

Finding out as much as you can about a carpet cleaning service is important before making the decision to hire them. It is important to talk to close family members or even friends that have used their services before to gauge the kind of work they will do for you. If you have selected at least three companies that offer cleaning services in your area, you can ask for references to see whether they deliver as promised. Checking their online reviews is another way to find out about their previous work from customers.

Ask about their cleaning process

Carpet cleaning can be done in a number of ways depending on the preference of the homeowner. There are several options available with the most common being wet cleaning and dry treatment method. The former involves the use of water or steam as part of the cleaning process and usually needs a significant time period for the carpet to dry and be ready for use. The latter is ideal for homeowners that want to use the carpet as soon as it has been cleaned.

In addition, some carpet cleaning service companies adopt cleaning processes that involve the use of cleaning products that contain chemicals while others opt to stick to those that are environment friendly. You need to choose companies that clean carpets in a way that is comfortable for your family while doing their work in a satisfactory manner.


Look at their qualifications

When hiring carpet cleaners, you need to know that they can do the job as instructed. Most times, they will work with a team which should have the right skills to handle the cleaning job without causing any damage to your carpet. Knowledgeable carpet cleaners should be able to have the necessary removers to eliminate stains without discoloring it. A good cleaning company must be ready to shoulder the responsibility if any damage is done to the carpet or other household items when cleaning is going on.

Apart from having the right skills in cleaning carpets, the company should be licensed to operate in the area. Ask for their permits and confirm if they are valid before hiring them for the job.

 Inquire about their equipment

Carpets are made from different materials and usually require cleaning methods that are unique to their construction. Some carpets are delicate and require special equipment to ensure that they come out clean without weakening them in the process of cleaning. Others are much stronger and can be cleaned with the standard equipment owned by most cleaning companies. Also, confirm if they have equipment that can clean large carpeted areas within a short time. To get the best service for your carpet, you need to inquire if the equipment used will leave it in good condition even after thorough cleaning.

Seek clarification on their cleaning fees

When it comes to carpet cleaning, low prices do not always mean quality services.  It is important to focus on the quality of work they offer and the work they have done for other clients. In some cases, cleaning companies will mention an affordable sum for their service only to make amendments to the price when they have gotten the job. Make sure that you confirm the services included in the cost highlighted in their quote to avoid extra charges coming up when the work is completed.


Using the pointers listed above, you can easily select a carpet cleaning service that will do a satisfactory job at a good price and within an agreed timeline.