Tips for Removing Gum, Crayons and Grease from Carpet

Tips for Removing Gum, Crayons and Grease from Carpet

Things happen and sometimes they happen in the worst places. When it comes to the carpet in your home, if you find that you have gum, crayon or grease in it, it can feel hopeless to get it out. Here are some great tips for removing each of them from the carpet.

Being able to have a clean carpet is something everyone wants. Make sure you have the right way to remove these hard to remove items from yours.

Gum Removal

Use ice in a baggy and then put it directly on the gum. You then want to use a scraping tool after the gum has been chilled for a while. Fully scrape the gum from the carpet with the tool. Add a cleaning agent to the area and let it soak and sit there. Blot up the cleaning agent. 

Crayon Removal

Use Dawn dish soap mixed with warm to hot water. Only a few drops are needed. Place a cloth over the stain or wax that is on the carpet. White works best. Pour the water over the cloth and let it soak there for a few minutes. Take an iron that is on a low setting to reduce the risk of burning the carpet or the cloth. Go over the area with the iron. Do this a few times until most of the crayon is removed. Blot dry.

Grease Removal

Blot up as much as the grease as you possibly can. Do not rub into the carpet. Add an absorbing agent such as kitty litter, cornmeal or another grainy substance to the area. Use a stiff bristled brush to brush the stain to break it fully apart. Use a dry spotter over the spot and then blot with an absorbent pad. Do this a few times until the pad picks up all the stain.

Stains can be a pain to remove, but once they’re removed, the carpet will look much better. If you’re having a difficult time removing the stain, speak with a professional carpet cleaner. They can come in and remove the stain for you.

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