Tips for Painting Cabinets

Tips for Painting Cabinets

A lot of people will paint their cabinets to give the kitchen a nice new appearance. There are special paints out there that can be purchased to help with this. Additionally, you can enjoy brand new cabinets when the time comes that are specially made for your home.

Consider these tips if you’re thinking about painting the cabinets in your kitchen. You want to make them stand out, but you also want to ensure that they’re done right.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Tips

  • Make sure to thoroughly scrub down your kitchen cabinets inside and out. You want them to look nice after being painted and when you scrub off the years of wear and tear, as well as residue and built up things, they can have that smooth coat you need.
  • Make sure to sand the outside of the cupboards completely. 100 grit sandpaper works well for this job, as it is not too harsh on the outside but harsh enough to make it smooth. Just make sure to wipe the outside of the cupboards down after this is done.
  • Make sure to put more than one coat of paint on the outside of them. You can do one, let them dry and then do another even coat on the outside. Depending on how it looks, you can go for a third but you want to make sure the paint is nice, smooth and even.
  • Before you drill holes for any new hardware, make sure that the cabinets are completely dry and that you mark where the new holes are going to go. This is to ensure that there are minimal mess ups in the process.

Of course, if this is a lot of work and you want to go with something brand new for your kitchen, then consider custom cabinets. They’re made specifically to your taste and for your kitchen. They can be a great way to boost the look of your kitchen but also a way to give you more space.

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