Tips for Hiring a Painting Contractor

While it may be tempting to DIY, painting your home is more difficult and time consuming than you imagine. What could potentially take you weeks to accomplish can be done in days by a professional.

Here are a few tips for hiring a painting contractor.

Get Quotes

Before hiring a painting contractor or local roofing companies, you’ll want to get quotes with details of what the job will entail. Make sure that all the quotes you receive are for the same work to make accurate comparisons

Verify License and Insurance

If you live in a state that requires painters to have a contractor’s license, you will forfeit your right to collect money for neglected promises if you hire someone who is not in compliance with the law. Note that this is not required in all states.

Schedule a Meeting

Have the painting contractor come to your home so you can show them everything you want painted. Go over details and ask about surface preparation, priming, what kind of paint will be used, how many coats, etc.

Other things you’ll want to cover during the meeting:

  • how your furniture, floors and fixtures will be protected
  • preparation and cleanup details
  • areas to be painted, along with colors
  • when work will be started and finished
  • daily work schedules
  • remedy if work not completed on time
  • what happens if paint is spilled


Is there an applicable warranty? Does it cover the work? Are labor and materials covered? What happens if there are issues with the paint? How long is the warranty?


Get references from the painting company, and if they are using subcontractors, get references for them as well. Check with the Better Business Bureau.

First Impressions

What was your initial impression of the painting contractor? Were they punctual? Polite? Did they seem interested in the job? Were you comfortable having them in your home? Make sure you take these things into consideration.

Follow these tips to help you make an informed decision on hiring a painting contractor.

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