Tile Maintenance Tips

Maintaining tile is something that must be done, just like all the other materials found within the home. When you maintain them to the best of your ability, they can not only last for some time, but they can also look their best, as well.

By using these and any other tile maintenance tips given to you by the tile contractor, you can ensure that the tiles throughout your home are the best that they can be without having to worry about having them replaced any time soon.

  • Make sure that the tile is completely wiped down and cleaned off before using any products. This removes any dust, debris or dirt that might be hanging around. Making the tile wet can only make the buildup on the tiles worse.
  • Damp mop the tile flooring at least once a week with a mild cleaner to reduce the damage that is done by soil and other abrasive materials. This can reduce the wear and tear that happens to the tile, especially in the high traffic areas.
  • Make sure to wipe down the tiles on the walls with a damn washcloth and a mild cleaner. This will keep them gleaming and in the best shape possible.
  • If the tiles are in areas like the bathtub or shower in the bathroom, then you want to make sure that you use a scrubber to remove any soap scale or other build up that might happen in these areas.

The right maintenance on the tiles throughout your home can go a long way. You want to make sure that you keep them for as long as possible, which means taking care of them.

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