The Dos And Don’ts For A Kitchen Renovation

At some point in our lives, we all want to renovate our kitchen. Kitchens are one of the most renovated rooms after purchasing a new house. Renovating a kitchen also adds a lot value onto the house. Many kitchens tend to be outdated and that’s only because the style of houses change so much.


A kitchen can either be a quick fix or a complete overhaul. If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen, you need to make sure you know what you should or shouldn’t do. I’ll start off with what you should do in a kitchen renovation – because to be honest, there is only one don’t.

Do’s For A Kitchen Renovation

Some advice for people that just want a little change and want to save a fat buck or two. Here are some ideas to completely change the look and feel of your kitchen without renovating is to:

Paint your Cabinets

If you’re trying to save money but you really want to change the look of your kitchen, this is one quick fix that could change up the whole room. From switching a lighter wood to a darker wood ro vice versa will completely change the aura of your kitchen for the better.

Update your Appliances

Updating your appliances do not count as a renovation and you technically don’t save a lot of money but it does up the value of the home and the quality of your food. Some ovens cook better than others, and some refrigerators refrigerate better than others.


Try investing in some energy-efficient appliances. Even though they might hurt the wallet now, imagine what you’ll be saving in the long run with all the use you’ll be getting out of it and all the energy it won’t be using.

Redo Cabinet Storage

Change the way you store your cutlery and dinnerware by purchasing a few knick knacks from any home organizing site. This won’t change the complete look from the outside but using the kitchen will definitely feel different.

Replace Cabinet Faces

This is a minor renovation – however not a complete overhaul of your kitchen. Tear out all your faceout cabinets but keep your shelving. This will give a fresh new look to your kitchen but you can keep the sweet layout that you’re used to.

Upgrade your Countertop

A fresh way to rejuvenate the look of your kitchen is to upgrade your countertop. An upgrade like this can change the way you use your kitchen. If you enjoy cooking in a rush and using your countertop as a holder of pots and pans, get a countertop that can withstand the heat of a sizzling plate.

Invest in an Island

Long gone are the days of galley kitchens. Everybody aspires their house to be an open plan space but with a clear separation of two spaces. What better way to separate the two spaces and add seating with an island countertop. It opens the room by giving a clear straight view of the area but separates it with its placement.

Keep your Renovation Simple

This is a full overhaul and this is when you’ll probably need to hire a contractor or if you’re doing it yourself, rent a dumpster. When you design your brand new spanking kitchen, make sure it’s simple and timeless. Maybe a nice stark white kitchen for a wow effect anytime you add a splash of colour or even a colourful fruit bowl.

Don’ts For A Kitchen Renovation

As mentioned earlier, there is only one don’t for a kitchen renovation and it’s finally going to be revealed. For some, it might come as a surprise, but hear me out.

Don’t Invest In A Deluxe Kitchen

I know, I know. This whole post is talking about renovating your kitchen and now I’m telling you not to do it. It’s a little confusing. What I mean is, don’t spend $60,000 dollars on a kitchen because if you plan on trying to sell it in the near future it’s going to be excruciating to sell.


Not a lot of people will spend money a deluxe kitchen. Although a modern and contemporary kitchen is highly sought for, it won’t be the prioritized selling point. It could be your vision and not the potential buyer and that’s why you should keep it simple and open for interpretation. Keep the potential buyer in mind before you start a fancy remodel.


Normally if you invest that much, the style of the newly renovated kitchen will most likely not suit the rest of the house. In terms of quality, size and style – it won’t suit the house nor will it fit the neighborhood.


There are a lot of alternatives that you can do before you settle on renovating a kitchen. The remodeling ideas listed in this article are good alternatives to spruce up and rejuvenate the look and feel of your kitchen.


Happy renovating and remodeling!