The Different Services Offered By Concrete Driveway Contractors


Driveways are part and parcel of any given home. Apart from making the stretch from the main road to your home smoother and more appealing, concrete driveways also allows easier maintenance of your compound; say, for instance, cleaning the driveway off autumn leaves droppings. Driveways also contribute a great deal to the curb appeal of any given house. For these and other reasons, you may require professional and qualifies concrete driveway contractors. A concrete driveway contractor is a professional equipped and trained to install or lay down the concrete and smoothen it out for you. The initial laying is just but one of the services that driveway contractors offers. Among the other services offered include driveway maintenance, driveway repairs, driveway inspection, and driveway resurfacing.

Concrete driveway installation

When you wish to switch from dirt or gravel to a more appealing concrete driveway, concrete driveway contractors are the people for the job. The entire process is a technical one that requires adequate training to perfect. This is why it is crucial to find professional concrete driveway contractors near you. The first step involves conducting a thorough survey of the driveway stretch. A quote of the entire job is availed to you for approval. Once the figures are set, the concrete contractor then starts installing the concrete driveway for you.

The driveway is first excavated to a certain depth as dictated by the geographical structure of the area. Afterwards, the dug stretch is leveled out, swept, and finally the concrete is laid and smoothened. After installation, the concrete contractor then goes the extra mile of providing you with post-installation services such as laying the curb, marking the lanes, etc.

Concrete driveway maintenance

Rome was not built in one day. Neither are concrete driveways. Once your concrete driveway is installed, you don’t get to use it immediately. It needs maintenance services to ensure it dries up and hardens properly (curing). This step is crucial as any mishandling could lead to your concrete driveway cracking up and falling apart. For the next few months, the concrete driveway contractor makes frequent visits to your home to check on the progress. Any defects such as crumbling of the concrete on the sides or any cracks on your driveway are dealt with by the contractor.

The concrete driveway contractor, also, as a post-sales service, gives you professional advice on how best to take care of your driveway during this curing time. Such advice includes the timeframe needed before driving or walking on the fresh driveway, watering schedules, and basic self-inspection of the driveway.

Concrete driveway inspection

A properly laid concrete driveway will serve you for decades on end. However, like any other constructed surface, wear and tear is inevitable. Concrete driveways are subjected to extreme weight, especially if you own a heavy truck. Apart from that, weather variations throughout the four seasons have their implications though the expansion and contraction of the driveway year-after-year. Concrete driveway contractors offer frequent inspection for your driveway as a post-installation service. These inspections determine how best to handle any encountered defects on your concrete driveway.

Concrete driveway repair

Major cracks and depressions “potholes” on your concrete driveway require repairs. Concrete driveway contractors are, again, the people for this. There are different types of concrete driveway repairs. They include cut-and-fill, skin patching, sealing and infrared repair. The repairs are in most cases common on the edges of your driveway, where the concrete is weakest – thanks to little supportive structure. While driveway repairs may seem easy, it is important to seek these services from professional concrete driveway contractors to guarantee quality. Unprofessional repairs could subject your concrete driveway to an uneven and unleveled finishing. This, in turn, interferes with the smooth drive and overall functionality of the surface.

Concrete resurfacing

When you permanently move into a new home that previously had a driveway installed, you may opt for a complete overhaul or resurfacing of the entire driveway. Just like initial concrete driveway installation, resurfacing is a technical job that requires hands-on skills to ensure perfection. The concrete driveway contractor determines the material on the already existing driveway. It could be asphalt, gravel or paver. From there, the contractor knows how best to resurface your driveway. The contractor could decide to first extract the existing material or simply resurface it.

 Finding a concrete driveway contractor…

Concrete driveways are as important as any other permanent structure in your home. Do not take chances with who does the installation or repair work for you. Always ensure you sought Contractors Today for the best services from professional, licensed, and qualified concrete driveway contractors near you.