The Dangers of Liquid Drain Cleaners

While commonly used, these liquid drain cleaners come with some hidden warnings that many do not know much about. When it comes to using them, they can be used, but they must be used with caution and per the instructions on the bottle.

If it is possible, it is best to avoid using these at all, as they can be potentially fatal if they’re not used the correct way.

Poisonous to Everyone

Liquid drain cleaners are extremely poisonous when inhaled, consumed or when the chemical touches the skin. This can cause the person a lot of harm when it happens. Therefore, it is especially important for adults to keep these bottles of cleaners up where children are unable to reach them. If ingested or inhaled, the child can end up losing their life.

Corrosive Chemicals

These chemicals are strong enough to eat away at plastic, metal and a wide range of other items. This makes them dangerous to have sitting in any of the appliances that you have through your home. Even your porcelain bowl might not be as safe as you’d think.

Over time with regular use of these products, they can corrode the plumbing pipes throughout the system. This leaves the homeowner with a lot of plumbing pipes that need to be replaced, if not the entire system in the home. This is an expensive and time-consuming process to go through.

Call a Professional

If you have a clog that you cannot seem to undo, it is recommended that you call a professional that can come out and provide the help that is needed. They can work with you to remove the clog and get your water running smoother than ever.

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