The Best Flooring for a Sunroom

The Best Flooring for a Sunroom

A sunroom is a nice addition to have on a home. It can provide a comfortable area to enjoy the outside without being outside. This is one of the best things about these types of rooms. Even when it is a bit chilly outside, when there are bugs or you just want a place to hear the outside world around you, these sunrooms can provide the protection and comfort you need.

Of course, when you’re planning your sunroom, you also should make sure to think about the flooring that is going to be placed down. You want something that is going to go with the room and provide the necessary flooring material that not only provides comfort but quality. A quality contractor will know not only how to design a great sunroom, but they will also be able to suggest the perfect flooring to use inside as well.

Here are some of the more popular flooring options that other homeowners have used inside their sunrooms when the time came and the benefits that each provided them with.

Thinner Carpet

If you want a comfortable place to sit down and enjoy all around you, carpet is an ideal choice. However, you want to go with something a bit more affordable and thinner. You don’t want a plush, thick carpet that can hold moisture, as this can cause further issues with the room.


Tile is an easy to clean and beautiful option to go with. However, when the room is a bit chillier, the floor is also going to be a bit chillier. This can become a problem when you don’t want to walk out there. It is however, resistant to moisture and easy to clean up. 


Concrete is made to mimic just about any flooring out there. It is easy to clean and it provides a way to give the room a more upscale appearance without the upscale price that would normally come with it. One of the best things about concrete is that the homeowner can be as creative as they want to be with the way it looks. 

Vinyl Laminate

If you like the look of wood floors, but you don’t want to worry about putting hardwoods down in this room then look no further! Vinyl laminate provides the right look and feel that you would get with hardwoods, except you don’t have the maintenance and upkeep that comes with the natural wood floors. They’re also easy to clean up.

When you’re ready to get flooring down on your sunroom floor, make sure to speak with professional flooring contractors that can come in and put the flooring down for you. Contractors Today has worked with the best flooring specialists and we know which companies can handle the work you need taken care of. For fast service, be sure to fill out the quick info form or give us a call today.