Summing Up the History of Elevators

Summing Up the History of Elevators

The history of elevators is one that dates to 1853. The first one was built in New York and was only the elevator shaft that was built first. The inventor of the elevator was determined to create an elevator that could safely carry the passengers to and from the bottom to the top and back down again.

Though they were originally invented to carry just items, laundry, heavy machinery, they were perfected throughout the years to provide a way for people to be carried from one end of a tower or building to another.

The First Elevators

The first elevator that would carry passengers came four years after the shaft. However, the shaft was used to carry items up and down tall buildings easily and more efficiently. It wasn’t until later that multiple elevators were invented and brought into the shaft. This allows for multiple groups of people to go through the building.

It wasn’t until 1900 that a functioning elevator that carries people was invented. The doors would safely close, the buttons went to the appropriate floors and much more. This allowed for people to move freely about buildings. Though they took time to perfect the mechanisms in the elevator, including the safe doors, they brought a way to make it easier for a lot to go through buildings quickly.

Current Elevators

The current elevators that are out there are now used to move people up and down floors, as well as like conveyer belts that bring items up and down easily. According to local laws in almost all places, they provide an easy way for disabled people to move easily throughout the buildings and towers.

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