The most common way to install carpet today is by stretching it into place. This is known as a stretch installation, and it’s generally done for residential installations. Our team handles many stretch installations every month, and they have the skills to do the work properly and quickly each and every time.

How it Works

A stretch carpet is easy to understand and it’s one of the most commonly used installation methods. Essentially the carpet for the room is fastened on one side of the room, and a special stretching tool is used to pull the other end of the carpet taut over top of a set of secured tack strips. The strips tightly lock the carpet into place once it’s stretched, and it will remain smooth and in place for the life of the carpet if installed properly. Stretching a carpet is fast and simple to do with the right tools.

Good for Residential

Residential carpets aren’t walked over nearly as much as commercial carpets are, and for most applications a stretch installation is more than enough to keep the carpet in place and in good shape. If you want to enjoy value and decent performance in one, a stretch carpet is really the best option available to you.


For residential use a stretch in carpet is really the best overall value. It’s fast to install and can be put in affordably. You’ll be amazed at the quotes that you receive for this type of installation. Our team handles these installations affordably and can help you save money over all the other carpet installation methods.

Fast Service

Our installation team can be out to your home in just days of you calling in to schedule your appointment. We believe in offering fast service and we can generally get your carpet in so that it’s ready to use faster than you expect. Stop waiting around for other installers to fit you into their busy schedules, and go with a company that prioritizes its customers like we do.

Professional Tools

The trick to properly installing a stretch carpet, especially one in a larger room, is a good set of tools. Our team utilizes professional grade stretching equipment to lock down carpeting over long distances. Even mid to large-sized rooms can be carpeted with this technique by our team.

If you need carpet installed in your home, call us today and schedule an installation soon.