Stone flooring is something that should only be installed by a professional, especially if you want your floors to look as great as possible. The surface area of the floor must be carefully prepared to lay the stone to ensure that moisture cannot get trapped as well as to ensure the stone tiles are laid correctly for years of foot traffic and general wear.

Preparing the Area

Before the stone tiles can be laid, you need to make sure the area has been prepared ahead of time. This means that all furniture should be taken out of any room you will have stone tiles laid. This includes appliances and other equipment that may be on the floor. If you are having the stone tiles placed in the bathroom, you may need to remove the toilet for easier access for the floor to be put in. if your home is a new construction and does not yet have heating and air, it is essential that the area is warmed (or cooled) to have a room temperature that is adequate for installation of stone. This means the inside temperature needs to be controlled and must remain between 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the process. In most cases, unless your old flooring is carpet, stone tiles can be laid over the old floor. You will also need to make sure your current doors have enough space at the bottom to open and close over the stone. Many interior doors are designed for thin flooring and must be replaced or cut when stone tiles are laid. Be sure to check with the flooring specialist to determine whether you need to change doors or have them altered to fit over the stone tiles.


When you are ready to have beautiful stone tiles installed in your home or business, we have the perfect stone for you to choose from and can have installers at your location in no time at all.