Stenciled concrete is a new installation application that takes traditional flat concrete up to the next level. It’s an application that works well in both residential and commercial settings and it will hold up well over time. Our team specializes in this advanced type of concrete and can put it on your home or business in many different application settings.

What is Stenciled Concrete?

Stenciled concrete is a flat pad of concrete that’s had a textured roller or a special rubber sheet pressed down over top of it. The roller or sheet leaves behind a new texture that isn’t typically associated with standard concrete. The resulting product is cool to look at and often resembles a different type of material instead.

Create a Unique Look

Stenciled concrete can be used to create a tiled surface, a rocky surface, intricate pavers or a unique style all your own. We have a wide range of stencils to choose from and know how to combine different techniques together to give you even more variety. Mix up your standard concrete pad and create something that you’ll love showing off over time.

Couple it with Coloring

Stenciled concrete shows well when coloring has been added to the mixture. We know how to dye concrete and get it into a bunch of different colors. Add even more color to your finished landscape with a bit of dye mixed into the solution before it’s used to form your finished pad. You’ll love the results and will have the color for more than a decade after.

Meticulous Results

While it’s possible to create your own stenciled concrete, it’s not easy to do so without making mistakes. Our team is meticulous in their work, and we can get nice even patterns each time. When you want a precise installation that you’ll enjoy looking at for years to come, rely on the experts to get it done right.

Call us about stenciled concrete today, you won’t be sorry.