Flat concrete is dull and it isn’t likely to impress anyone, even if it is very durable and reliable. That’s why many people are beginning to rely on stamped concrete instead. This product gives the concrete a different texture and alters its look entirely. With the right stamping tool, it’s possible to mimic a bunch of other materials and create a very high-end look with affordable concrete.

How it Works

Stamped concrete works by placing special forming tools right into the wet concrete while it cures up. They create a distinct shape in the material that remains there even after it is dry. These forms are available in range of different shapes and can be used for a variety of projects.

A Range of Stamp Designs

We have a variety of forming tools and can achieve many different designs in our concrete installations. From tile, to wood, to flagstone or cobblestone, you can get exactly the look you would like with help from our expert installers.

High End Results

There’s something particularly enjoyable about showing off a beautiful new floor that’s made from affordable concrete. It might look like flagstone, mosaic tile, hardwood or even marble, but that doesn’t mean it must cost those prices. We can effectively mimic a range of materials and you’ll be impressed with the finished result.

Affordable Solution

Stamped concrete is incredibly affordable when you compare it to the materials that it mimics. Of course, it’s going to cost more than a standard flat pad, but it won’t look anything like one either. Instead, you’ll have an impressive finished product that you’ll want to show off.

Durable and Long Lasting

Concrete lasts longer than many other types of flooring and you can use it inside or out. If you want to take your flooring up a notch, without having to deal with difficult maintenance requirements, a good solid concrete floor will save you time every year and won’t cost too much either.

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