A good gym can lead to many adventures in the life of a child. It can also be a gateway to a life of great health and physical fitness. Sports that are played in the gym are some of the best lessons that a child will ever learn when it comes to their future health and well-being. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that the gym floors they play on are durable and will last for many years to come. Generally, there are two varieties of sports flooring surfaces and that includes wooden floors and poured urethane flooring. Wooden floors are used in many gyms across the nation and they are used in professional sports as well.

Installation and Maintenance

We can install your gym flooring and have it up and ready for play in no time at all. We also refinish sports surfaces to make sure it keeps its luster and shine through the many hours of sports and play that it hosts. When you have a gym floor that has been in use for a while, it is going to need routine maintenance to ensure that it stays looking good and holds up well for years to come. We work hard to make sure your floor keeps shining as long as it possibly can for many years. We can do a simple sanding and finishing or screen and coating to bring back the original shine quickly. We offer many installation and maintenance services to our customers and work with you to fit everything within your overall gym flooring budget.

Repairs for Sports Surfaces

No matter how careful you are with your flooring or how careful you try to make others be, there will be times when a gym floor becomes damaged and needs repaired. Whether the damage is scratching or gouging or even water damages after a flood or roof leak, we have the team to repair anything that may come your way to damage the floor. We work fast so the downtime in your gym will be as little as possible and you can get back to sports quickly.

Whether you are having a new gym floor installed or you have one in need of repair, we are standing by to help you every step of the way. When you’re ready for services for your gym, be sure to give us a call.