Signs That You Need An Asphalt Contractor For Your Driveway

When done well, paving for your driveway can last for an extended time period. However, with time its perfect condition begins to deteriorate making its resurfacing or replacement inevitable. In such situations, many homeowners find it hard to identify the exact time to seek the services of a contractor. If you have been wondering about the best time to call an asphalt contractor, here are some signs to help you make a decision.


Your driveway is old

Most driveways can survive for twenty years or more before the erosion in the foundation begins showing on the surface. If your driveway is beginning to show signs of wear and tear such as multiple cracks, unevenness or even potholes after many years, it is time to call in an asphalt contractor. The contractor will assess the condition of the driveway and suggest changes that will enhance its look. This may include repair work or putting in a replacement of the old one. In most cases, the earlier you seek the services of a contractor the more likely you are to access repair services which will save costs in the long run.

Your driveway is unpaved

If you have been having a hard time keeping the exterior of your home clean due to an unpaved driveway, you need to consult an asphalt contractor. Driveways that have no paving can be hard to manage, making it important to seek contractors that can cover the area with asphalt. Installation of asphalt paving will keep the front of your home neat as it is easier to clean while giving it an undeniable facelift. Also, the paving enhances the entire outlook of the home for your benefit and that of your neighbors as well.

Your driveway has stains

Stains are common on driveways that come into contact with industrial solvents or automotive solutions on a regular basis. The main cause of the stains is delay in cleaning of the chemicals resulting in them eating into binding agents commonly found in asphalt. If your driveway has unpleasant stains that make it look old or dirty, you may need to have it worked on by an asphalt contractor. In most cases, resurfacing alone will be done on the affected parts. In other cases, stains can be dealt with by simply applying a surface seal coat.

Your driveway is paved in concrete

The debate between which is better between asphalt and concrete paving has been going on for many years among homeowners and contractors. However, asphalt paving has continued to lead and many people who previously used concrete paving in their homes for years have made the switch. These benefits give it an edge over concrete making it the ideal paving material even in industrial spaces. If you have been spending a lot of money maintaining your concrete driveway, you need to bring in an asphalt contractor to install a new one. Asphalt driveways, unlike concrete, are longer lasting and can be resurfaced inexpensively in case there is need for repair.

Your driveway is graying

Asphalt is a tough material that is great for covering the surface of driveways and giving the area a neat look. However, over time asphalt driveways can get affected by the rays of the sun resulting in color change, usually from black to grey. The main cause of the change in color is the breakdown of bitumen that is present in asphalt which is a sign of it becoming weak. As soon as you notice your driveway graying, it is important to seek the services of asphalt contractors and have it resealed. In most cases, delay in replacement may result in it becoming brittle and easily broken down.

You Fancy Your Neighbor’s Driveway

Looking over the fence to your neighbors’ asphalt driveway can make you a bit jealous if yours is in bad condition. Fortunately, getting the same look for your home is possible when you hire contractors that install asphalt driveways. These contractors have the skill and appropriate equipment to change the outlook of your home by doing a satisfactory job. Also, maintenance and repair of asphalt driveways are pocket-friendly making, it an ideal choice if you are looking to replace your current one or install on an unpaved driveway.

A good looking driveway adds value and makes your home look inviting to visitors and neighbors. So if you notice any of the signs listed above on your driveway or other paved surfaces, then know it’s the best time to talk to an asphalt contractor.