Should Your Solar Panels Have Snow Guards?

Solar panels are extremely tough and can cold up to 800 pounds of snow on top of them. This is a tremendous amount of snow, which is good in those areas that get a decent amount. However, this also means that when they heat up, the snow melts and then it slides. What happens when the snow slides right off the side of the solar panel?

It falls off the roof to the ground below, creating an avalanche of snow that can be extremely dangerous to those walking under the home.

Snow Guards for Solar Panels

Snow guards for solar panels are sold so that this avalanche of snow does not happen on the rooftops of those that have solar panels. This is something that you should consider having installed if you live in an area that gets a decent amount of snow.

Asking the solar panel installation contractor about the snow guards that you can install or purchase to install later is always recommended. They can provide you with the right guards for the solar panels that you have had installed to your home.

Snow guards are something that not many people think about since the solar panels cannot be damaged by the snow sitting on top of them. Not only that, but the panels can continue to work even with this weight and covering on them. Due to this, not many people think about the snow that is sitting on top of the panels or the guards that can prevent the snow from falling to the ground below.

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