Good shipwright carpenters are essential to making repairs to the wooden sections of a ship, or to modifying a boat that has taken damage in the past. Whether you are trying to restore an antique, you want to get your modern-day sail boat fixed up, or you are designing a brand-new wooden boat to be constructed, a good skilled set of shipwright carpenters can help you complete the task. Our team is made up of highly talented carpenters that are known for producing good results.

Scale Ship Construction

One of the most important services that our shipwright carpenters offer is the construction of scale ship models. These are valuable to builders and designers because they allow them to see how the finished product will come together, and they give them a chance to make repairs before an issue occurs on a large scale. If you are planning a full-scale wooden boat, allow our team to put together a scale model for you first so you can verify it will be successful on a larger scale.

Ship Repairs

Even many modern-day boats rely on some parts of wood here and there, especially sail boats. If you have broken masts, damaged hulls and other problems to the ship itself. If this is an issue, we can help sort most of them out for you. It takes a highly skilled craftsman to take a broken ship and make repairs to its wooden parts properly. That’s why it’s so vital to work with skilled professionals that know what they are doing.


Whether you want a taller mast, a rail added to your ship or another modification made to the structure we can help accommodate you. Our team can work on any wooden aspect of the ship and try to make modifications to it or repair issues that have developed over time. IT’s not always easy to change up how a ship is, but there are many things that you can do to a boat with the right professional helping you.

If you have a damaged wooden boat, or a boat that you would like to modify in some way, call us to find out about our different services. We can even help create a scale model for that ship you want to build.