Services At Home That May Require An Excavation Contractor At Home And Why


At home, there are several projects that require excavation. Excavation equipment is expensive and requires a trained professional to operate. Therefore, do-it-yourself is always not an option. You need to find a good excavation contractor. We recommend you be very careful in the selection. Excavations often involve the foundation and structure of building projects. A weak and faulty foundation is a recipe for disaster.

The following are the various home projects that require the attention of an excavation contractor.

House and basement foundation

Most residential clients prefer building homes with basements, making the basement the foundation of the whole building. A strong basement has to be constructed carefully taking into account the necessary safety precautions. Safety precautions during excavation include analyzing the earth to determine the depth of foundation needed. During digging protective support systems such as retaining walls are built to protect those working in the excavation.

You have to hire an excavation contractor because they have the right equipment and expertise to safely dig foundations and basement. In case you hired a general contractor for the building project, insist that they sub contract the excavation to a professional excavation contractor.

Demolition project

Home improvements and renovations often involve demolitions of walls, floors, piping, and other fixtures in a building. Sometimes the renovation might involve demolition of entire rooms and buildings. Such a demolition project affects the structural elements of a building, such as columns and beams, and utility lines, such as water, electricity, gas and sewer lines. These demolitions require specialized equipment, such as bulldozers and back hoes, and, require permits from the Department of Buildings.

Hiring a professional excavation contractor is the safest option. They have the equipment required and know how to acquire the necessary permits.


Landscaping is commonly sought after by homeowners who want to improve the appearance of their backyards. Landscaping involves excavating to remove overgrown vegetation, planting grown trees, grading, and hardscaping water features such as ponds. These tasks require excavation equipment such as compact excavators, back hoes, and bobcat tractor. Where excavation equipment is needed, you know you need an excavation contractor. But, this is landscaping. The excavation contractor needs to work with a landscaping expert for best results.

Swimming pool construction

In the construction of an in-ground swimming pool, digging is needed. Swimming pool contractors often have the excavation equipment needed. If you already have a hole for the pool, the pool contractor might deduct around $1,000 from the bid or more. Carefully consider the pros and cons of hiring an excavator to dig and if you find it might save you some money, it is a route worth taking. Excavation contractors will know what to do when they hit a rock or reach the water table as they dig. Actually, due to their expertise in construction, they might correctly predict the possibility of hitting rocks or reaching the water table and offer proper recommendations.

Driveway construction

Many home owners think that they can get away with building driveways without excavating. After all, it is just a little concrete or a few layers of asphalt, right? You could not be more wrong if you are considering doing that. In a few years, the driveway will be so degraded that you will have to redo it. And the second time, you will have to excavate.

The depth of the excavation needed is dependent on the soil underneath, and the size of the driveway. The strong driveway foundation increases its lifespan. Consult an excavation expert so that they can do it right.

Water, sewer, and gas line installation

The installation of gas, water, and sewer lines often involves digging. Such works should only be done by professionals who know what they are doing. Digging around or near these lines is risky and can result in accidents. Expert excavation contractors are cognizant of the safety precautions required and comply with local building codes.

Blocked drainage repair

Blocked drainages are a nuisance. Sometimes, the problem is in the drainage pipes in the ground. If that is the case, you will need an excavation contractor who specializes in drainage works. They will come dig up the section of blocked pipes and clean the pipes or replace them. This is a last resort and the drainage expert has to be very sure the problem is below the ground.

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