Today nobody should settle for standard concrete and the boring look that it offers. There are so many different finishes available and plenty of decorating options to choose from that it’s up to you what you are looking for. If you’re looking for a highly unique pathway or floor in your home or business that’s darker in color, you might want to consider scorched concrete. It’s a unique finish that we specialize in, and it looks like a very expensive product once complete while also offering enhanced strength.

What is Scorched Concrete

Scorched concrete is concrete that contains aluminum and that is troweled at very high speeds repeatedly. The mix gets so hot that it starts to scorch during the installation and turns very hard as well. This give it a unique look while also giving it a stronger texture than many other types of concrete.

Stronger Material

Burnished concrete is notably harder than standard concrete is. That’s why so many commercial businesses have been relying on it for years. It’s particularly useful in industrial environments where damage is more likely to occur. To help keep your floors in top quality shape, consider having it torched for added strength.

Acid Stained Look

Acid staining is a difficult process and one that many contractors aren’t willing to do. It’s also quite expensive. One benefit of going with scorched or burnished concrete, is that it ends up taking on that acid-stained look in the end. When you couple this with a darker dye, you get a very cool effect that you’ll be proud of once it is complete. It’s suitable for both commercial and residential purposes, though you’ll find this treatment in more commercial settings than anything else.

Professional Equipment

Scorched concrete is only something that a team with professional tools can accomplish. We have power trowel machines that mix and blend the concrete are high speeds to create the burnished finish that so many businesses and some homeowners desire.

If you want the best for your concrete floors at home, consider getting torched concrete put in.